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Going Grey is currently home to two Percheron draft horses, two Quarter Horses, 11 Chickens, a dog and a house mouse. The surrounding forest is home to a deer herd, a black bear family, a fox or two, plenty of squirrels, several bats, snakes, mice, rabbits and at least 14 species of birds.

There are a few people here as well. Two of which match the farm name perfectly.


  • LRF Maid of Smoke "Smoke" - comes from stellar lines. Her grt. grandsire, Highview Dragano, was known for his presence and excelled in the show ring. Her sire, Blackhome Duke was known for his even temperament, strong athletic build, and an eagerness to please. Smoke has inherited their attributes as well as always giving 110% in all she does, often times reaching out to gently touch me with her nose as if to say, "Have I done well?" A true gentle giant, this mare has a heart of gold, bringing memories and smiles wherever she goes.


  • Trixie - Our newest addition. Smoke and Trixie were teammates in Texas and when the opportunity to reunite them came available, we jumped at it. She has proven herself time and again for us, garnering several awards at the 2009 Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Show and the 2009 Virginia State Fair even though she had only been back in harness for a few days after several years of "time off" as a broodmare. With her laid back and easy going nature, Trixie has brought smiles and joy to those in our neighborhood, even giving our 68 year old neighbor a ride around our yard, ensuring to step easy and carefully, knowing she had fragile cargo on her back. Under saddle, this mare will move out, on a trail there is nothing she won't go over or through, fearless and brave,  very forward and responsive.


  • ASU Teardrop "Terry" - This beautiful chestnut Quarter Horse is my get it done horse. Out on a trail there is nothing he won't do, many times over he has shown me how he takes care of his rider, always the leader. A kind eye, always catching your eye with his smooth movement and deep coat color, he is first to offer a deep rumbling nicker in the morning when I say his name, and if one wants to have a peaceful moment, Terry is right there ensuring you have comic relief. He is also what is called a thinking horse, if you watch him, he is always thinking one step ahead of his rider, when he is taught something, he picks it up quickly, and he has been known to open his own stall and let everyone else out if he can get those lips around the latch to do so.


  • ASU Elusive Strip "Lucy" -She is the good will ambassador of Going Grey Farm and the lady of the group. Unlike her brother Terry, who has a bit of a sassy side, Lucy loves to be brushed, bathed and groomed, enjoying the time spent with whomever takes the time to fawn over her. Give her a treat, those velvety soft lips will gently take it out of your fingers and savor each bite. Sit on her bareback with only a lead rope around her neck and she will do each command and cue flawlessly and without effort. Lucy is destined to be our young grand daughter Lily's future western pleasure horse and will teach her and future generations of our family how to ride.


State Fair 09

Trixie, Smoke, Karen and Sue Brennan on an antique wagon at the VA State Fair 2009.

Smoke's record:

2009 Virginia State Fair - VA State Grand Champion Mare and Senior Champion Draft Mare, 2nd Team to Wagon (w/Trixie), 2nd Draft Horse to Cart, 3rd Draft to Cart Open, 4th Best Matched Team (w/Trixie)

2009 Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Show - 3rd Registered Draft Mare Halter, 2nd Ladies Working Cart, 2nd Draft Horse Working Team, 2nd Antique Farm Wagon, 4th Single drive cones

2009 Culpeper Horse and Mule Games - 1st Log Pull, 2nd Barrel Race, 3rd Obstacle Riding, 6th Obstacle Driving

2009 Southwest Draft Horse and Mule Show - 1st Ladies Cart, 1st Unicorn Hitch, 4th Men's Cart, 2nd Multiple Hitch

2008 Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Show - 2nd Aged Mare in Halter, 3rd Walk/Trot under saddle, 3rd Costume, 3rd Registered Draft Mare in halter

2008 Howard County Fair, MD - 3rd Draft Horse in Harness, 6th Ladies Cart

2007 Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Show - Versatility Award High Point Equine, 2nd Registered Draft Mare Halter, 3rd Open Ladies Cart, 3rd Novice Ladies Cart, 5th Senior Sled, 6th Ladies to drive

2007 Orange County Fair - 1st Ladies Log pull

2007 Culpeper Horse and Mule Games - 1st Obstacle Cart, 2nd Skid, 2nd Log Pull

2006 Culpeper Horse and Mule Games - 3rd Pole Bending, 3rd Barrel Race, 4th Obstacle Driving, 4th Draft Race

2005 Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Show - 1st Novice to cart, 2nd Senior Single Log pull, 2nd Registered Draft Mare Halter, 4th Trail in-hand, 5th Walk/Trot under saddle

2005 Culpeper Horse and Mule Games - 1st Ladies Cart, 2nd Riding Obstacle, 2nd Log Pull, , 4th Skid

2005 Orange County Fair - 5th Ladies Skid, 6th Ladies Log pull

Trixie's Record:

2009 VA State Fair - Senior Champion Grade Mare, 1st Grade Draft Mare in Halter, 2nd Team to Wagon (w/Smoke), 4th Best Matched Team (w/Smoke)

2009 Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Show - 2nd Grade Draft Mare in Halter